Jamaican Recording Artist Lennox “Buppy” Brown is Universal in styles and fueled by his Saxophonist Dad the late Lenox Brown. The Passion and Love for the Music keeps him creating songs after songs and now has 5 excellent albums and quite a variety of singles along with collaborations in his musical ventures. His 5th album “Time”, is now released and it's a mix of Reggae Hip Hop & R&B Trap Music. Just worked on the Mahala Rai Banda  Project and new  collaboration singles, Stay Tuned.
Lennox Buppy Brown was born in Port Antonio Jamaica and grew up in the city of Kingston where he accompanied his dad Lenox Brown to the studios like King Tubby's, Channel one, Joe Gibbs and the other few studio's there was. This is where Lennox Buppy Brown learnt the sound of music just listening n taking it easy while enjoying every minute of the studio moments as a kid with his brother Priest Noah. Buppy Brown was a selector in his teenage years for a sound call Star Tone and decided to start vocalizing when he went to Los Angeles California jamming with some surfers who played rock music in 1989.  They had no singer so he jumped in. In 1990, he decided to really get serious and from the jam session he connected with Luiz Netto to start forming the band Buppy & The Uplifters Reggae Band. Lennox Buppy Brown is also a solo performer along with being the lead singer in his California band Buppy & The Uplifters. With his band he does a few covers and always bring his A game to the stage mixing it up with his originals. Buppy has worked with many producers like Kevin Iceberg Blake, Grammy nominated Costi Ionita,  Marius Moga, Michael Bennett, Mihai Ogasanu,  Ned Albright, Filip Aurel,  DJ Undoo, Kenny Wizzard, George Kahleus & Clive Wright to name a few.
Lennox “Buppy” Brown is also an Actor/Director that has been working as a stand-in for some of the biggest named actors like Wesley Snipes since Blade 1 and Don Cheadle on the TV show House Of Lies on ShowTime. Lennox Buppy Brown travels the USA & to Eastern Europe to where he continues to do music and collaborations with artist of all genre. Brown2Music Records has been his independent label since his first song on the film The Fan. He has also gotten use of his music on other films and soundtrack projects. His style is so unique in the Reggae Scene that it set's apart from the others in that universal way. His dad is a Saxophone player so music is in his blood with Love. He writes original tracks for films n always shopping to studio's for soundtrack placement.
Lennox Buppy Brown is available for hire, studio, live, solo or with band for your next event.

Buppy Quotes are “Watch Mi Now” or “Buppy This & Respect!”
Brown2Music Records is an independent label that represents positive & uplifting music.
Available for private gigs, parties and weddings - just hit Buppy up on his contact form for more details To sing at your next Event With Playback or with the band.
Contact: Sandy White