Buppy Brown's Video's

  1. Move It
    When Sheriff Brown heard whats going down, He came to wipe that frown and kept order in town. An original piece of collaborated talents. Cast: Babylon Gangs: Lonnie Moore Rodney Richards Jullian Other Cast Members April Washinton Dee Cee Ms.KMD Jacko Marley Matrix Robyn KIYOMI Deputy :Mike Fujimoto Danny Green Tony Staples Production: Camera- Garrett Benson Lights: Cory Assistance: Tony Staples
  2. Buggie Down AKA Boogie Down
    http://www.buppyreggae.com Getting you up on the dance floor to buggie and pump it. The vibes of the track from Buppy & Teddy makes you want to rock or dance to it. It fits all clubs that loves house, dance, club and a bit of flavors. Without words and with words. It's just amazing. Thanks to All and who i Remember of names i put and who i don't i still remember you and thank you all very much so for your part you played in making this video happen. Director: Lennox Buppy Brown Editor: Jomel Lee Guanzon Wardrobe: Dana Campbell Thanks to all the Detroit Michigan crew Clothing store Rags John, Jahee, Jacques, Emily n Yin Band, Genavia Hawkins, Efe, Thanks to all the Romanian Crew. Dancers: Mayo, Dumitru Miruna Cosmina ,Caprian Alina Alexandra & Andrea Florin Campeanu - Camera/Lights Dragos - B Camera operator/Lights Solo- lights P&P Studio & Productions Perpetium studio Much LOVE to All the Romanians involved Thanks To Bulgarian video and director crew that filmed the other shots with Teddy K. in Bulgaria. Lyubomir Yonchev - Director Petar Kirilov - Assistant Director Bedrso Halvadjian - Cinematographer Andrey Cvetkov - Lighting
  3. JamRow
    http://www.buppyreggae.com Go to { http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/ex...} & DownLoad 4 FREE JamRow Album. Video from the Dancehall flavored EP Album JamRow. From the connection with selectors Zuza Boys and Jamaican Recording Artist Lennox Buppy Brown. The song is about unity through Dancehall music collaboration talking bout confident woman when ever they roll and the partying and enjoyment of the song. This is a straight up party dancehall club song.
  4. Tyalee
    Summer Hit Video with Lennox Buppy Brown & SAHARA Project. Song Tyalee went to #1 for over 2 months in different parts of Europe and still keep moving on it's way to the rest of the world.
  5. Take It Easy
    Produced in Romania @ P&P Production by DJ. SILVA-Silviu Dumitrascu & Solo Catalin Fantaneanu Perform and written by Lennox Buppy Brown & LaShaunda White from (B2MR) Records. Mastered By Edward Shemansky (Shut Up & Play Studio). Take It Easy is all about taking it easy when the woman or man nags you or stress you out. When you think its too much for you. Just take it easy and re look or rethink the situation to make it a positive conclusion. The words are what they mean, just TAKE IT EASY in life. You deserve it. Directed: by Sean Lesure & Lennox Buppy Brown, Filmed by. Joel Munoz, Glenn Fontane & Lennox Brown Executive Prod. Lennox Brown Produced By Lennox Buppy Brown In Video is LaShaunda White, Sean Lesure, Lennox Buppy Brown Fans, Kinnette Davis, Isolene Vallier,Energy Andrae, Princess Christen and Lezley Best Filmed in North Hills California / Buenos Aires Argentina.
  6. Rub A Dub
    It's a Happy Rub A Dub vibes and thing.. Introducing Sis Emilia aka @EmiliaMusala from @Bucharest Romania, to the reggae world. @RasDawa the @Romanian @Reggae Artist, Gives you the real @Jamaican vibes and feel to the track and then brings in #BuppyBrown the original. This is sweet and nice. A Definite summer track. The track can be found on both albums. Ras Dawa Album "I&I&I" and Buppy Brown's Album "TIME".
  7. Buppy Brown & Yin Band Ft. Wesley Snipes
    Buppy Brown Performing with The YIN all girls Band @ The HardRock Cafe in Detroit Michigan. Special guest performance from no other than Mr. Wesley Snipes. It's time this brother be free to continue his fine work of showmanship and fine work of arts. I miss my bro and ready to invite him for his next talented guest performance.
  8. Take It Easy Live with Ras Dawa
    A Freestyle with Ras Dawa on drums & Buppy Brown with live vocals.d.
  9. Rock It Out
    Rock It Out Performed by Buppy Brown & Yin Band Written By Emily Rogers and Lennox Buppy Brown Published by Brown II Music Courtesy of Brown2Music Records & ER http://www.buppyreggae.com 818-627-1392 Emily Rogers is the founder of the yin band, i was doing a film in Detroit when i was seeking a band to work with on my down time and a fiend from the film set gave me Emily's number. we met and after was history to come to this track rocking it out. Band: Emily Rogers -Bass, Sarah Rez - Guitar, Angelica Moross -Keys and Vocals, Aisha Ellis - Drums, Therese Rose - Trumpet/Vocals, LaJedi - Flute/Turntables Filmed by Tracy Estes, Lennox Buppy Brown & Ray Location: San Diego Edited by Mau Marius (Romania) Please Enjoy, like and share. Purchase Song@ Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/roc...
  10. Buppy Brown - WeekEnd @ The JOINT-LA
    Buppy & The Uplifters Live @ The Joint In Los Angeles California
  11. Take me Back - Buppy Brown Feat. Pastor Andrae Crouch
    After becoming a member of Pastor Andrae's church & friend. I was honored to get the okay from pastor himself to redo the track and have him playing n singing with me. He saved my life from not doing something to someone and forgive them. When I needed some advice I called him. Miss him every day since he has been gone. This song will be the cherishable moments I remember spending time doing music with him.
  12. Buppy Brown & Sahara - Tyalee Club mix
    http://www.buppyreggae.com Summer Hit Video with Lennox Buppy Brown & SAHARA Project. Song Tyalee went to #1 for over 2 months in different parts of Europe and still keep moving on it's way to the rest of the world.